10 Tips for Planning an LGBTQ+ Wedding in Indianapolis

Celebrate Your Love, Your Way

Planning your dream wedding is an exciting journey, and for LGBTQ+ couples in Indianapolis, there are unique considerations that can make your celebration truly special. Here are 10 tips to help you create a wedding day that reflects your love story and makes memories to last a lifetime.

Lesbian wedding party attire

1. Embrace Your Uniqueness

Traditions are wonderful, but your wedding should reflect you as a couple. Don’t feel obligated to follow conventional norms—make your wedding a personal expression of your love and commitment.

Lesbian couple on their wedding day with wedding guests

2. Curate Your Guest List

Invite those who matter most to you. Your wedding is about celebrating with the people who support and love you. Don’t give in to external pressures; keep your guest list filled with those you’re most comfortable with.

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3. Choose LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding Vendors

Creating a supportive and comfortable environment on your big day is crucial. Seek out LGBTQ+ friendly wedding vendors who understand and celebrate love in all its forms. As a local LGBTQ+ wedding photographer, I can recommend a list of LGBTQ+ inclusive Indianapolis wedding vendors who will make your day extraordinary.

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4. Craft Your Wedding Party

Select your favorite people for your wedding party or skip it altogether. It’s your day, and you set the rules. Choose the people who bring you joy, and remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

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5. Secure Your Dream Team Early

Booking vendors in advance is key, especially for popular venues. Start securing your wedding day team as soon as you have a date. From venues to photographers, early bookings ensure you get the professionals who will make your day memorable.

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6. Personalize Your Ceremony

Opt for an officiant who knows you well or get someone ordained online. A personalized ceremony incorporating your unique stories adds a sentimental touch, making your union even more special. Think of little ways or details to incorporate your personalities into your day.

Wedding couple wearing non-traditional wedding attire

7. Dress Comfortably and Expressively

Forget about traditional expectations—wear what makes you feel comfortable and fabulous. Whether it’s a non-traditional dress or a colorful suit, embrace your style and celebrate your love authentically.

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8. Plan LGBTQ+ Inclusive Entertainment

From music to performances, infuse your celebration with LGBTQ+ representation. Consider hiring LGBTQ+ musicians, dancers, or entertainers who can bring an extra layer of diversity and vibrancy to your special day. Everyone loves a surprise drag show!

Lesbian couple on their wedding day

9. Communicate Openly with Your Vendors

Ensure that your vendors understand your vision and preferences. Open communication is key to a successful wedding. Share your ideas, ask questions, and collaborate with your chosen professionals to create the perfect atmosphere. And if your budget allows, hire a wedding coordinator…you’ll thank me later.

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10. Capture the Moments

Hire a photographer who specializes in LGBTQ+ weddings and understands the significance of every moment. Your wedding day is a story waiting to be told, and having a skilled photographer ensures those memories are preserved for a lifetime.

Lesbian couple on their wedding day sitting at a bar

Your wedding day is about you, your love, and the journey you’re taking together. With these tips, make your LGBTQ+ wedding in Indianapolis a true reflection of your unique love story. If you’re currently planning your own LGBTQ+ wedding in Indiana, the Midwest or beyond, I would be honored to capture the special moments for you. As a dedicated LGBTQ+ wedding photographer in Indianapolis, I understand the importance of documenting love in all its forms. Let’s chat and turn your vision into timeless memories.

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