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I GOT MARRIED!! Being on the other side of the camera is not my favorite thing…but I’m making an exception because I’m in LOVE with our wedding photos!

After over nine years together, Brandon and I finally made it official. Our love story began as freshmen at Ball State. In the midst of the excitement of starting college, living independently, and making new friends, our paths crossed…in an elevator. A meet-cute if you will. I was on my way back to my dorm after cheer practice and saw Brandon and his friend who also lived in my dorm in the elevator. They were going to the lobby outside my door to study. After getting off the elevator, I wanted to get another look at him. I went to my room, scrounged up some change, and went back out to the lobby to buy a snack from the vending machine as a guise. We eventually connected through social media, decided to be roommates the following year, and from then on we’ve been inseparable.

The first two years of our relationship (even longer for some), we were both still in the closet, so our families and friends knew us as best friends/roommates…even though most of them were suspicious. One of the first friends we came out to was our good friend and apartment roommate, Alex. It was a few months before we were set to move into our junior year apartment off campus and we thought…we should probably tell her if we were going to be living with her. When it came time to choose who should marry us, we knew right away it had to be her.

Though college is where it all started, we’ve had many memories together since. From navigating a new city post-grad and diving into adulthood and our first careers, to becoming dog parents, and buying our first home. We’re so grateful to have so many amazing friends and family members that have been supportive of our relationship and have been parts of our lives along the way.

Planning this wedding has been the most overwhelming / exciting/nerve-racking / expensive / liberating / eye-opening experience I think either of us has had thus far in our lives. We’re both picky and have lots of opinions (me…I have a lot of opinions). 🙂 We knew we wanted our wedding to be timeless and colorful. Between our florals and the stationery I designed, I think we accomplished that. We also wanted to work with wedding vendors that were LGBTQ+ friendly or part of the community themselves. Special shoutout to Jennie Crate, our photographer, who came all the way from Colorado to join us. She’s an inclusive photographer specializing in LGBTQ+ weddings and she killed it!

We decided to get ready together while our groomsmaids were getting their hair done elsewhere. It was nice to start the day together to take in the moment before the day started to fly by.

After we were all ready, we went to Newfields for some wedding & couple photos!

This is my favorite view of downtown Indianapolis and this was one of my must-haves. I’m so glad the weather cooperated and the sky was blue. Indy was really showin’ off. 🙂

We wouldn’t be very good doodle dads if we didn’t include Davis!

Our friend Jenni (AKA Jenni America) read a portion of the ruling on same-sex marriage from Obergefell v. Hodges.

I cried pretty much the whole ceremony….but it’s nice to see I wasn’t the only one hehe.

We’re both pretty big momma’s boys – so we chose to do our mother-son dances together. We wouldn’t be the men we are today if it weren’t for our moms. ❤️

Okay, okay that’s enough. There are so many photos it was hard to choose from. Now I know how all of my couples feel when I deliver their wedding galleries.

Thank you to all of our family members and friends that came to celebrate with us. And to those that couldn’t make it but sent us gifts or well wishes. We love you all so much and are very appreciative of how lucky we are to have you all in our lives.

M&B – 09.17.2022

 // Jennie Crate Photography
Videographer // Kelli White Photos & Films
Venue // Industry
Catering // Nameless Catering
Hair // DryBar Indianapolis at Bottleworks
Florist // Flower Boys
DJ // The Simple DJ
Tuxes // Sophia’s Bridal & Tux
Coordinator // Robin Chalmers Coordination
Stationery & Signage // Me!
Audio Guestbook // After the Tone
Cake // Circle City Sweets
Desserts // Nothing Bundt Cakes
Transportation // Top Shelf Tours

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