Brandon & Madalyn’s Engagement at Ball State

Madalyn & I met freshman year of college at Ball State. We were both lucky enough to get to move to the newest residence hall on campus at the time and a small group of us became really close. To this day, we’re all still best friends even though we don’t just live down the hall from each other anymore. Last Fall, she asked me to take her engagement photos on Ball State’s campus. I was so glad to be back on campus and found it to be the perfect place for the occasion. It was also where she met Brandon….that’s obviously the most important part of this story haha.

We had a minor panic attack before the session due to a car accident that held up traffic on our way. I was somehow able to get through it before them and they ended up having to sit on the interstate for almost an hour. In hindsight, I think it played in our favor because the light on campus in the Fall is A-MA-ZING.

They have a bit of a college football rivalry between them. Madalyn likes the University of Michigan & Brandon likes Notre Dame. Madalyn was super excited about incorporating the jerseys in their photos, and she was extra excited that Michigan had beat Notre Dame just a few days prior to these photos.

Sunset in the quad is lighting goals forever.

Brandon & Madalyn, thank you for bringing me back to campus! I can’t wait to see you guys get married on Halloween this year!

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