Jacob & Megan’s Engagement at Indiana University

Jacob and Megan met up with me in Bloomington on the Indiana University campus for their engagement photos. Megan and I went to the same school growing up, we actually met in middle school on the swimming & diving team. We were both divers. I was excited to hear from her when she got engaged and asked me to photograph her engagement and wedding photos.

It had been a while since I had been to IU’s campus. It never disappoints…no matter the season, you’re sure to find some great places for photos. It happened to be the first nice weekend since winter, so there were tons of students out. I think we managed pretty well though, we got some great photos!

Most sessions start out with couples telling me that they are awkward and have never done this before. I often tell them, it’s going to be awkward at first, but that they will get used to it about 20 minutes in. This photo below is the kind of photo I strive to get in every session — one that is 100% authentic in emotion. I can’t exactly remember what happened, but look how much he makes her smile. 🙂

As we were wrapping up the first outfit and heading to the car to change clothes, we came across this wall. By far one of my favorite walls I’ve ever shot at!

Jacob and Megan, thanks for hanging with me for the evening. I can’t wait for your wedding this Fall!

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