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If you’ve followed my photography for a while, you’ve definitely seen photos of this little man before. Jaxson is my nephew and somehow he’s about to be 5 years old ALREADY?! He is the firstborn of my three nephews. If you did that math correctly, that’s three little boys all under the age of 5. My sister is crazy, right? She’s got her hands full, that’s for sure.

Since he was my first nephew, there are hundreds of photos of him from his first year of life. My sister and I did photo sessions like every other month with him…I was obsessed. Her house is literally filled with photos I’ve taken over the years, it’s like my own photo gallery. I should honestly start charging her visitors an admission fee.

Now, we’ve cooled down on the photo sessions to about two a year, mainly because I live a little further away, but also because she’s going to have to add on to her house if she wants to hang any more photos.

As he’s gotten older, he’s become more difficult at photo shoots. When he was 1, it was a piece of cake…Now our sessions last about 5 minutes until he’s over it. So here’s what I got from his mini 5th Birthday photo shoot. [/drop_cap]

He’s so grown up :'(

This was what I got when I said “Show me how old you’re going to be”

We got it eventually 🙂

His “Are we done yet?” pose.

Currently, he’s obsessed with the Army. He goes through his phases like all kids…we’ve been through the Home Alone phase – where he wanted to watch the movie literally every day, the Sandlot movie phase, the (very long) Spider-Man phase – he still wears his costume from time to time, the bull riding phase, and now, the army phase. He specifically requested Army birthday party invitations and HAD to have his photos taken in his Army costume.

Editing these photos was bittersweet. I love getting to see him grow into the little man he’s becoming, but it’s happening so fast! Soon, he’s going to be a kindergartener…I can’t believe it.

Location: Terre Haute

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