Saint Mary-of-the-Woods Wedding // Terre Haute Wedding Photographer // Nathan & Elizabeth

Elizabeth and I first met when I joined the middle school cross country team in the 6th grade. We weren’t good friends though until the next year. During my 7th grade year, I moved into a duplex that had two buildings on the property. Not long after, Elizabeth’s dad moved into the duplex adjacent from me. I eventually noticed it was Elizabeth because I recognized her from cross country. It just so happened that Elizabeth and her siblings’ weekend at their dad’s house was the same weekend that I was home with my mom. We all started hanging out together pretty much EVERY weekend. We would play board games, play flashlight tag outside when it got dark, walk around our neighborhood, and we watched a LOT of YouTube videos (supermac18 in particular). For a while, they were much like a second family to me. As time went on, we both moved, but we have still kept in touch since graduating high school. I was so excited when she asked me to shoot her and Nathan’s wedding last year.

How They Met

Nathan messaged Elizabeth on Facebook and said “Hey, I’ve seen you around and always wanted to say something. What’s up?” She was unsure about responding, so she texted one of her friends that graduated with Nathan. It turns out Nathan was best friends with him and he told her to give Nathan a chance and talk to him. So she messaged Nathan back and they began talking. They exchanged numbers and talked every day for a couple months. Elizabeth kept him a secret from my family because he was 4 years older than her. Eventually, she knew their relationship was getting serious, so she told her family and they all loved him as much as she did.

How He Proposed:

Nathan surprised her with a weekend trip to French Lick. The second they got into their hotel room, he bent down on one knee and held up the ring. He was so nervous that he didn’t even ask anything. Elizabeth didn’t care, she instantly started crying and said YES!

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2016-11-22_0043Occasionally I get in front of the camera too….just sometimes thought. Don’t want to break it.

Thanks to Elizabeth and Nathan for letting me document their special day!

Venue: O’Shaughnessy Hall at St. Mary of the Woods College
Hair: Destiny Jones & Heather Purcell
Makeup: Terryn Randolph
Dress: Davids Bridal

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